Henrique M. G. Martins

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Pressure ulcers frequently occur in patients with limited mobility, for example, people with advanced age and patients wearing casts or prostheses. Mobile information communication technologies can help implement ulcer care protocols and the monitoring of patients with high risk, thus preventing or improving these conditions. This article presents a mobile(More)
This study proposes a methodology to support coding professionals in assigning ICD-9-CM codes to inpatient episodes. This subject has been predominantly addressed through the use of natural language processing methods, which show limited generalizability. To surpass this issue, this paper proposes a methodology entailing an adaptive data processing method(More)
This article seeks to highlight some distinctive issues involved in the use of mobile information and communication technologies (MICTs) in the healthcare context. A three-layered framework for analysing cases of MICT-in-use is developed from the literature and employed to analyse evidence from a number of healthcare MICT pilot studies. These indicate that(More)
As of June 2011, the adoption of electronic prescription (EP) systems will be mandatory in Portugal. New Primary Care Units (PCU) since 2008, and increasingly, existing ones, are using a full Electronic Health Record (EHR), which is regarded as a fundamental step to improve quality of patient care. Lack of evidence persists as to professionals and patients(More)