Henrique M. G. Martins

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BACKGROUND The Manchester Triage System (MTS) is a 5-point triage scale used to triage patients presenting to the emergency department. It was introduced in the UK in 1996 and is now widespread, especially in Europe, and has been in use in our hospital since 2000 via a computerised protocol. A study was undertaken to determine whether the subgroups created(More)
Healthcare management is becoming extremely important and large health organizations face increasing demands for leadership and system change. The role of doctors is pivotal but their relationship with management issues and practice has been a matter of long-lasting debate. The aim of this research was to establish opinions of medical students and other(More)
Emergency department (ED) triage systems aim to direct the best clinical assistance to those who are in the greatest urgency and guarantee that resources are efficiently applied. The study's purpose was to determine whether the Manchester Triage System (MTS) second version is a useful instrument for determining the risk of hospital admission, intrahospital(More)
Medical school professors and lecturers are often called to be practicing clinicians, researchers in their own field, in addition to executing their education and curricular responsibilities. Some further accumulate healthcare management responsibilities. These areas pose conflicting demands on time and intellectual activity, but despite their apparent(More)
This study proposes a methodology to support coding professionals in assigning ICD-9-CM codes to inpatient episodes. This subject has been predominantly addressed through the use of natural language processing methods, which show limited generalizability. To surpass this issue, this paper proposes a methodology entailing an adaptive data processing method(More)