Henrique Luiz Monteiro

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OBJECTIVES To analyze the association between resting heart rate and blood pressure in male children and adolescents and to identify if this association is mediated by important confounders. STUDY DESIGN Cross-sectional study carried out with 356 male children and adolescents from 8 to 18 years old. Resting heart rate was measured by a portable heart rate(More)
INTRODUCTION Lipodystrophy is related to the use of highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART) and can cause aesthetic stigma and increase the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases. Physical activity may be a valid alternative for the treatment and prevention of lipodystrophy. However, few studies address this issue. The objective of this study was(More)
This quasi-experimental study describes the effects of a yoga sequence following hemodynamic and biochemical parameters in patients with hypertension. Thirty-three volunteers participated in the study (control = 16 and yoga = 17) for four months. Blood pressure measurements, cardiac and respiratory rate were collected monthly, while the biochemical profile(More)
OBJECTIVES To observe differences in healthcare costs according to the level of physical activity in type 2 diabetes mellitus. SUBJECTS AND METHODS A total of 121 type 2 diabetic patients were interviewed in two basic units of healthcare in Bauru, Brazil. Physical activity level was assessed by a questionnaire carried out during an interview. Costs of(More)
OBJECTIVE The aim of the present study was to identify risk factors for the occurrence of sport injuries in dancers related to anthropometric variables, training, and specific dance characteristics. DESIGN One-year, retrospective, cross-sectional study. SETTING 26th Dance Festival of Joinville (Brazil), 2008. PARTICIPANTS Five hundred dancers (409(More)
BACKGROUND End-stage renal disease patients are characterized by low levels of physical activity, especially during leisure time. However, the recognition of variables associated with patterns of physical activity in this population has been little explored. Thus, the objective was to assess factors associated with levels of physical activity during leisure(More)
To estimate the relationship between family nucleus and sport practice among adolescents. A school-based cross-sectional study carried out with 1,752 Brazilian adolescents (812 male and 940 female), aged 11–17 years. Characteristics of the family nucleus (parental education, socioeconomic status and number of siblings) and sport practice (≥240 min/week)(More)
To analyze the association between physical inactivity in different domains and direct public healthcare expenditures in adults and to identify whether the clustering of physical inactivity in different domains would contribute to increased public healthcare. The sample composed of 963 adults randomly selected in a middle-size Brazilian city. Annual(More)
BACKGROUND Determinants of public healthcare expenditures in type 2 diabetics are not well investigated in developing nations and, therefore, it is not clear if higher physical activity decreases healthcare costs. The purpose of this study was to analyze the relationship between physical activity and the expenditures in public healthcare on type 2 diabetes(More)
PURPOSE To analyze the relationship between physical activity and body composition in menopausal women. METHODS The study included 62 menopausal women aged 50 years or more (61.2±7.6). The practice of physical activity was assessed with an accelerometer and is reported as minutes per week of low physical activity and moderate plus vigorous physical(More)