Henrique Ferreiro

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1. The basic assumptions involved in one- and two-compartment models with age-independent distributed residence times (exponential, G1) for describing digesta flow are reviewed as the bases for describing families of one- and two-compartment models which assume age-dependent distributions (Gn) of residence times. 2. The two-compartment, age-independent(More)
In this work, we face the problem of generating good quality test suites and test cases for web services. We present a framework to test web services based on their formal description, following a black-box approach and using Property-Based Testing. Web services are a popular solution to integrate components when building a software system, or to allow(More)
3 Zebu cross steers each fitted with a permanent rumen fistula and a T piece cannula in the proximal duodenum, were used in a 3 x 3 Latin square design experiment to determine the quantities of alpha linked glucose polymers entering the small intestine, when fed a diet of chopped sugar cane plus 1 kg/d of molasses containing 30 g urea/ kg with levels of(More)
Parallel profiling tools, such as ThreadScope for Parallel Haskell, allow programmers to obtain information about the performance of their parallel programs. However, the information they provide is not always sufficiently detailed to precisely pinpoint the cause of some performance problems. Often, this is because the cost of obtaining that information(More)
Patients' associations are NGOs that emerge as a result of the needs of patients with chronic diseases that cannot be solved in the doctor's surgery. At the start, the role of the health personnel, in guiding and collaborating with them, was fundamental, and their aims and interests coincided to a high degree. Their healthy operation favored both the(More)
Generational garbage collectors are among the most popular garbage collectors used in programming language runtime systems. Their performance is known to depend heavily on choosing the appropriate size of the area where new objects are allocated (the nursery). In imperative languages, it is usual to make the nursery as large as possible, within the limits(More)
Though widely accepted as a key building block for next-generation large scale decentralized systems, the lack of flexibility of DHTs on efficient non identifier-based lookups is a well-known problem. In this paper, a resource discovery service that tackles the issues identified in a decentralized and distributed DHT-based caching architecture for media(More)
It has been hypothesised that the glucose synthesis rate reflects the degree to which starch bypasses the rumen of cattle on a sugar cane based diet. In view or the specific characteristics of sugar cane, namely its high content of soluble sugars associated with insoluble cell wall fibre, it was queried as to whether the same situation might apply on other(More)
Web services are a very popular solution to integrate components when building a software system, or to allow communication between a system and third-party users, providing a flexible, reusable mechanism to access its functionalities. To ensure these properties though, intensive testing of web services is a key activity: we need to verify their behaviour(More)
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