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A patient was evaluated because of edema, pruritus and generalized painless lymphadenopathy. Laboratory tests showed marked eosinophilia without known etiology. CT scan of abdomen revealed multiple lymph nodes in retroperitoneal area. Lymph node biopsy was reported as sinus histiocytosis, bone marrow biopsy showed hypercellularity with marked infiltration(More)
Differential and integral cross section measurements, for incident electron energies in the 20-50 eV range, are reported for excitation of several composite vibrational modes in α-tetrahydrofurfuryl alcohol (THFA). Optimisation and frequency calculations, using GAUSSIAN 09 at the B3LYP/aug-cc-pVDZ level, were also undertaken for the two most abundant(More)
We report on measurements of differential cross sections (DCSs) for electron impact excitation of a series of Rydberg electronic-states in α-tetrahydrofurfuryl alcohol (THFA). The energy range of these experiments was 20-50 eV, while the scattered electron was detected in the 10°-90° angular range. There are currently no other experimental data or(More)
We report differential cross sections (DCSs) for electron-impact vibrational-excitation of tetrahydrofuran, at intermediate incident electron energies (15-50 eV) and over the 10°-90° scattered electron angular range. These measurements extend the available DCS data for vibrational excitation for this species, which have previously been obtained at lower(More)
We report results from a joint theoretical and experimental investigation into electron scattering from the important organic species phenol (C6H5OH). Specifically, differential cross sections (DCSs) have been measured and calculated for the electron-impact excitation of the electronic states of C6H5OH. The measurements were carried out at energies in the(More)
We present experimental electron-energy loss spectra (EELS) that were measured at impact energies of 20 and 30 eV and at angles of 90° and 10°, respectively, with energy resolution ∼70 meV. EELS for 250 eV incident electron energy over a range of angles between 3° and 50° have also been measured at a moderate energy resolution (∼0.9 eV). The latter spectra(More)
The aim of this study was to evaluate the alveolus-capillary permeability by the lung clearance rate of TcDTPA(Technetium99m-diethylene triamine penta-acetate), (LCR-DTPA), both in normal and in asymptomatic HIV seroreactive patients. Thirty individuals were studied, 21 seronegative normal volunteers and 9 HIV seroreactive patients presenting normal chest(More)
In this paper, we report newly derived integral cross sections (ICSs) for electron impact vibrational excitation of tetrahydrofuran (THF) at intermediate impact energies. These cross sections extend the currently available data from 20 to 50 eV. Further, they indicate that the previously recommended THF ICS set [Garland et al., Phys. Rev. A 88, 062712(More)
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