Henrique Costa Marques

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In an environment where there exists collaboration among armed forces and multiple agencies, ensuring interoperability among C 2 systems demands a scalable architecture that is also secure while still supportive for the discovery of newly available services. These requirements have been verified on real-life scenarios by the Brazilian armed forces, which(More)
Planning during complex endeavors is a daunting task in many aspects. An important one is the representation of shared intent, which is an open research topic focused on expressing a common picture among different planning systems with distinct languages, and sometimes disparate problem solving methodologies. The common approach is to use a translator(More)
Planning courses of action for a task force component involves analyzing a considerable amount of data, as well as assessing the available options and their respective impact to the operational goals. This is a time consuming process that is dramatically restricted by the currently established doctrine, which allocates a too short period for this task(More)
The development of service-oriented architectures for C2 systems in mobile applications has major challenges for security and availability of services. The construction of secure services causes an increase in the bandwidth required for the service to be provided and impacts the way those services are made. This study aims to present an alternative for(More)
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