Henrique Castillhos Ruschel

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Congenital epulis of newborn is a rare benign tumor that is also known as a congenital granular cell tumor. The objective of this article was to describe and discuss the case of a newborn girl with a pedunculated mass in the left anterior maxillary alveolar margin diagnosed as congenital epulis. Conservative treatment was adopted and the lesion(More)
The authors report a case of natal primary molar in a healthy 14-day-old child. The diagnosis of the case and the treatment plan are discussed, as well as histological analyses of the natal tooth. The tooth presented an immature appearance, with high mobility and insertion only in soft tissue, and therefore the clinical option adopted was dental extraction.(More)
Anchorage control is one of the determining factors of successful orthodontic mechanics. In mini-implants, fractures due to placement and removal have been related to implant design and titanium alloy quality. This study assessed the topography and microstructure of five brands of mini-implants (Neodent, SIN, Morelli, Conexao, Foresta Dent). Scanning(More)
The aim of the present survey was to evaluate the dentin thickness of buccal, lingual, mesial and distal surfaces of first and second primary molars. These evaluations were done at the middle third of the crowns of twenty extracted non-carious primary teeth separated in two groups (first molars and second molars). Comparisons were performed within-groups(More)
The aim of the present survey was to evaluate tubule density and diameter of dentin of first and second primary human molars and compare the two dental categories. These evaluations were done solely at the middle third of the crowns of twenty extracted noncarious teeth separated in two groups (first molars and second molars). The tubule diameters observed(More)
UNLABELLED The aim of this study was to analyze the structural characteristics of the mineralized dental tissues--enamel, dentin and cementum--in primary teeth and to correlate the histological aspects observed in function of the dental type--single-rooted or multi-rooted. METHOD Eighteen human primary noncarious teeth were sectioned in facial-lingual(More)
This study sought to assess the fracture torque resistance of mini-implants used for orthodontic anchorage. Five commercially available brands of mini-implants were used (SIN®, CONEXÃO®, NEODENT®, MORELLI®, andFORESTADENT®). Ten mini-implants of each diameter of each brand were tested, for a total 100 specimens. The mini-implants were subject to a static(More)
The purpose of this article was to present a rare case of epidermoid cyst on the ventral region of the tongue in a 15-month-old child. During clinical examination, a sessile, yellowish lesion measuring approximately 0.5 cm was noticed. The lesion had existed since the child's birth and was causing discomfort due to friction of the tongue against the(More)
Ectopic eruption is a concept including those clinical cases in which teeth show abnormal eruption pattern and erupt ectopically, in an incorrect position. This abnormality has been pointed out in the literature for the fi rst permanent molars, mainly the maxillary ones. There is no specifi c etiological factor for this abnormality in the fi rst permanent(More)