Henrique Brittes Pötter

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The Internet of Things will expose services enabling developers to easily explore data generated by an enormous number of devices. These devices, such as industrial sensors and actuators, and house appliances can have different interfaces, interaction protocols, and payload data semantics. Manual, <i>ad hoc</i>, integration of these different devices would(More)
There is a remarkable gap between the maximum technological lifetime of electronics and the real time of use, due to consumer pattern favouring the newest, most advanced devices. This development has to be complemented by sophisticated reuse strategies to keep reusable electronic components and equipment in the market. Thus, the eco-efficiency of use(More)
Life Cycle Assessments (LCA) are evolving as the most advanced method for comparing the environmental effects of products. In the complex field of electronic and microelectronic components a lot of effort has to be invested in data gathering, before serious assessments can be attempted. Today it is still not possible for an average company to include(More)
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