Henrique B Abreu

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A case of uterine prolapse coexisting with uterine horn rupture in a 3-year-old Portuguese Podengo bitch, which is an uncommon occurrence, is described. The female was presented with a history of recent parturition, with delivery of four healthy puppies that were normally tended and nursed. The situation developed after an uneventfully pregnancy, and no(More)
Deep venous thrombosis occurs in 50% 70% of patients submitted to acute fixation of proximal femur fractures, in multiple fractured patients, and in those presenting with spinal cord trauma, when no prophylactic measure is performed (1). Thrombosis may occur in any vessel of the body, but it is often found in lower limbs. This is the most important kind of(More)
Priapism, a persistent long-lasting involuntary erection of the penis, is uncommon in dogs. In this report, the case of a 13-year-old male Pointer, referred to our services due to persistent exposition of the penis, is described. This condition was consecutive to an intermittent priapism situation lasting for several days, which has been initially(More)
BACKGROUND & AIMS Nutrition support teams (NSTs) are important and unique entities in acute care hospitals. Despite their utility, NSTs are lacking in the majority of hospitals worldwide and where they exist, most members only spend a fraction of their time working within that role. We aim to evaluate the effect of protected time on NST performance by(More)
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