Henrique A. S. Martins

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Currently, a major difficulty for the widespread use of robots in assembly and material handling comes from the necessity of feeding accurately positioned workpieces to robots. ``Bin picking'' techniques help reduce this constraint. This paper presents the application of matched filters for enabling robots with vision to acquire workpieces randomly stored(More)
The nature of the standardization world has always imposed a demand on technology development to accommodate needs in terms of process automation and digital manipulation of documents. With the rapid growth of the Internet, on-line access to important information on standardization activities, including access to electronic catalogues has proven essential(More)
The FLAIR (FLexible Assembly Intelligent Robot) workcell loads odd-shaped through-hole and surface-mount components onto printed circuit boards. It is 100 percent data driven. handles diverse components and boards in arbitrary batch sizes, employs computer vision for viewing components and boards. and incorporates sensor-based error detection and recoiery,(More)
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