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Laser ablation of silicon has become an intense research topic due to the rapidly growing interest in laser processing in the photovoltaics and electronics industries. Different types of lasers are being used for edge isolation, grooving, drilling among other applications, with the pulse width ranging from the ultrashort femtosecond regime up to long(More)
Solar cells used in photovoltaic (PV) crystalline silicon modules commonly feature grid fingers and bus bars as front contacts. The grid fingers and bus bars partially block the sunlight from reaching the semiconductor layers of a solar cell and therefore reduce the efficiency of a solar module. In this paper, we present experimental results of different(More)
Manufacturing of Emitter Wrap Through (EWT) solar cells relies on fast laser drilling of silicon wafers. A single cell may comprise up to tens of thousands of holes, which need to be drilled at cycle times of a few seconds per wafer. Typically these holes are drilled using pulsed infrared lasers. Combined laser power for requested production rate is a few(More)
Color marking of stainless steels as a process is known for sometime but still it has not been used widely in the industry. Some industrial applications have been seen. New MOPA fiber lasers allow independent tuning different laser parameters and the marking process can be optimized for producing colors with better quality and visual appearance. Laser(More)
A picosecond UV laser has been used to establish the material removal rate of plastics. Varied processing parameters include laser power, pulse frequency and scanning velocity. The wave length of the laser used was 355 nm. Scanning velocity varied between 100 to 800 mm/s and repetition frequency between 10 to 500 kHz. Materials for the experiments were(More)
A picosecond laser has been used to establish the material removal rate of metals. Varied processing parameters include laser power, pulse frequency and scanning velocity. The laser beam was manipulated using a galvanometric scan head with a 100 mm focusing optic. Maximum power of the laser in the IR was 2 W and 700 mW in the UV. Scanning velocities were(More)
Processing parameters in Laser Transformation Hardening have a great effect on microstructures produced via phase transformations. In order to establish the effects for a wide range of processing parameters a large amount of specimens has to be processed and examined by microstructural analysis from polished and etched samples. The process is time consuming(More)
Recently, battery-based hybridization of gasoline and diesel engines has become a rapidly expanding global market. A lot of research and development activities have been focused on both advanced batteries and fuel cells to achieve their efficient mass production capabilities and drive this technology into successful commercialization. A variety of joining(More)
Lithium-ion batteries are at the forefront of current advanced battery technology development for Hybrid-Electric Vehicles (HEV). While first vehicles with Li-ion batteries have entered the market, it is understood that significant technology advancements are still required to establish consumer confidence in the new battery technology and to reduce battery(More)