Henrik von Horn

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The regulation of the insulin-like growth factor-II gene (IGF2) is complex and involves the usage of four promoters resulting in different 5' untranslated regions, but with a common translated product. The IGF2 gene product is a mitogenic and survival factor that has been suggested to be important for a normal fetal development and cancer. In this paper we(More)
Hepatoblastoma, a rare pediatric liver tumour, is a poorly understood disease. While expression studies for some members of the Insulin-like growth factor axis have been studied in hepatoblastoma, a systematic analysis of the IGF-axis has not been carried out. We have examined a series of hepatoblastomas with matched normal liver tissue for gene expression(More)
Hepatoblastoma is a poorly understood rare pediatric liver tumour. We have previously shown that the IGF-axis is seriously disrupted in this tumour type. With the recent discovery that several other proteins also have the potential to bind to IGFs called insulin-like growth factor binding protein related proteins (IGFBP-rPs), we undertook an examination of(More)
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