Henrik Toft Nielsen

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There has been an increase in the demand for allograft bone in recentyears. The Odense University Hospital bone bank has been in function since1990,and this paper outlines our results during the 10 year period 1990–1999.Potential donors were screened by contemporary banking techniques which includea social history, donor serum tests for HIV, hepatitis B and(More)
BACKGROUND Recurrent lymphocele following groin dissection is generally a self-limiting condition, but in a few cases, the lymphocele persists and for this, there are not many options. Few reports have proposed the efficacy of lymph vessel ligation with patent blue as a vessel locator. We have used this technique since 2007 in our very severe cases and(More)
Because of the confined nature of their position, monitoring intraoral free flaps is a challenge, but it is essential to detect vascular complications in time to ensure the possibility of salvaging the flap. Microdialysis has been the standard technique of choice at the Department of Plastic Surgery, Aarhus University Hospital, since September 1998. In this(More)
We present our experience of bilateral total breast reconstruction using a double-sided extended thoracodorsal artery perforator propeller flap in a case series of 10 patients. Reconstruction was successfully achieved in all cases with few complications. The median time for surgery was 275 minutes (200-330), and the average implant size used was 350 cm(3)(More)
INTRODUCTION Since the beginning of the nineties, skate-boards, in-liners, roller skates, and during the past years non-powered scooters have gained increasing popularity. This surge of enthusiasm has resulted in an increasing number of injuries involving scooters. MATERIAL AND METHODS The subject of our study was to ascertain injuries resulting from(More)
Acute compartment syndrome (CS) is a limb threatening condition which warrants emergency treatment. We describe a case of a 37-year-old man with acute CS developed without major trauma. Early diagnosis and prompt treatment by decompressive fasciotomy is of vital importance in order to preserve limb function and to avoid complications. As a consequence of(More)
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