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3D terrestrial laser scanning is well on the way to proving itself to be a 3D measurement technique that can complement or replace the established techniques of photogrammetry and tacheometry. For this reason investigations into accuracies and behavior are very important for the understanding and improvement of such measuring systems. The Department of(More)
In this paper the comparative application of two terrestrial 3D laser scanning systems for recording and modelling of two historical halls in the City Hall Hamburg is presented. The two halls (Kaisersaal and Großer Festsaal) were scanned in approximately three hours with the Mensi GS100 from Trimble and with the IMAGER 5003 of Zoller & Fröhlich from five(More)
Sectorial integration from a sector-based logistics to inter-sector logistics Geographical integration from local to worldwide logistics Functional integration from functional-dominated logistics to flow-dominated logistics Global logistics and operations management 2 Disclaimer: This document has been produced with the financial assistance of the European(More)
The mobilities of several fluorescent probes placed at different locations on calmodulin in the absence of Ca2+ have been found to depend upon the charge, ionic strength, and temperature. In general, the time decay of fluorescence anisotropy could be fitted with two rotational correlation times. The shorter of these reflects primarily the motion of the(More)
Asphaltenes, the key intermediates in the liquefaction of bituminous coals, consist of hydrogen bonded complexes which can be separated into their acidic and basic components. The acidic components contain all, while the basic components contain none, of the exchangeable protons present. The significance of these findings with respect to coal structure and(More)
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