Henrik Sillén

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Rapid and sensitive analytical methods using liquid chromatography with tandem mass spectrometry (LC/MS/MS) were developed for the determination of ticagrelor, the first reversible oral platelet P2Y(12) receptor inhibitor, and its metabolites AR-C124910XX and AR-C133913XX in human plasma. Ticagrelor and its metabolites were extracted using protein(More)
Ticagrelor is the first direct acting reversibly binding oral platelet P2Y(12) receptor antagonist. The parent molecule and the main metabolite (AR-C124910XX) are both able to block adenosine diphosphate-induced receptor signaling with similar potency. Drug binding to plasma proteins reduces free drug available for pharmacologic activity. Therefore,(More)
A novel liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry method is described for the quantitative determination of the endogenous CYP 3A4/5 marker 4β-hydroxycholesterol in human K(2)-EDTA plasma. It is based on alkaline hydrolysis to convert esterified to free 4β-hydroxycholesterol, followed by analyte extraction from plasma by hexane and purification of the(More)
AIM Avibactam, a novel non-β-lactam β-lactamase inhibitor co-administrated with the β-lactam antibiotic ceftazidime, is in clinical development. The need to evaluate its PK and PD requires accurate and reliable bioanalytical methods. METHODS We describe LC-MS/MS methods for the determination of avibactam and ceftazidime in human plasma. Avibactam was(More)
To develop an optimal quantitative LC/MS method with high sensitivity, high selectivity and robustness in a limited time period can be very challenging, especially for methods in which many analytes are to be quantified. In this study the relevant options are reviewed and a simple screening strategy of mass spectrometric and chromatographic conditions is(More)
BACKGROUND Cytarabine is an anti-tumor drug that is currently under investigation for treatment in combination with other anticancer drugs for the chemotherapy of leukemia. The quantitative determination of cytarabine in plasma is challenging due to the required sensitivity, its in vitro instability and the presence of an isobaric endogenous compound,(More)
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