Henrik Søiland

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The 2004 Mid-Atlantic Ridge (MAR)-ECO expedition on the R.V. G.O. Sars provided the first opportunity to correlate oceanic distributions of cetaceans with synoptic acoustic (ADCP to 700m depth, multi-beam echosounders) measurements of high-resolution, three-dimensional (3D) potential habitat (spatial scaleo100 km). The identified habitat features were(More)
The assemblage structure and vertical distribution of deep-pelagic fishes relative to a mid-ocean ridge system are described from an acoustic and discrete-depth trawling survey conducted as part of the international Census of Marine Life field project MAR-ECO /http://www.mar-eco.noS. The 36-station, zig-zag survey along the northern Mid-Atlantic Ridge (MAR;(More)
Knowledge of cetacean species composition and their distribution in the south-east Atlantic sector of the Southern Ocean is scarce. During a survey in February–March 2008, systematic whale sightings were carried out along transect lines following the 5° and 15° E meridians between 35° and 67° S. In total, 67 toothed whales and 126 baleen whales were(More)
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