Henrik Sörensen

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Fermentations with three different xylose-utilizing recombinant Saccharomyces cerevisiae strains (F12, CR4, and CB4) were performed using two different wheat hemicellulose substrates, unfermented starch free fibers, and an industrial ethanol fermentation residue, vinasse. With CR4 and F12, the maximum ethanol concentrations obtained were 4.3 and 4 g/L,(More)
This paper describes an alternative approach to software architecture, where the classical division of responsibilities between operating systems, programming languages and compilers, and so forth is revised. Our alternative is organized as a set of self-contained <italic>environments</italic> which are able to communicate pieces of software between them,(More)
The Link&#246;ping Office Information System (LOIS) is an integrated system of facilities for text preparation, data base management, communication by computer, and miscellaneous other services. It is an experimental research system, which is used by researchers and secretaries in our own research group.
Description of method for continuous recording of oesophageal pH and automatic, electronic analysis of records. Stability of apparatus has been tested over 12 hours in the laboratory with different buffer solutions and gastric secretions with and without bile, and on 36 patients with oesophageal disorders. Drift of apparatus max. 0.2 pH units. The analyser,(More)
The polarization control method offers a flexible, robust, and low-cost route for the parallel fabrication of gratings with complex apodization profiles including several discrete phase shifts and chirp. The performance of several test gratings is evaluated in terms of their spectral response and compared with theoretical predictions. Short gratings with(More)
A new series of 3-aryl pyridone based kappa opioid receptor agonists was designed and synthesised, based on an understanding of the classical kappa opioid receptor pharmacophore. The most potent of the new compounds were comparable to U-69,593 in receptor affinity, selectivity and functional agonist effect at the cloned human kappa opioid receptor.
The SCREEN system is an experimental tool for development and maintenance of application software. It is organized as a System of Communicating REsidential ENvironments, where each environment may be e.g. a programming environment or an end-user environment. Environments are able to send and receive modules which contain programs and data, and the(More)
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