Henrik Pettersson

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  • Carl Bergenhem, Henrik Pettersson, Erik Coelingh, Cristofer Englund, Steven Shladover, Sadayuki Tsugawa
  • 2013
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—The first edition of the Grand Cooperative Driving Challenge (GCDC) was held in the Netherlands in May 2011. Nine international teams were competing in urban and highway platooning scenarios with prototype vehicles using cooperative adaptive cruise control. Team Scoop, a collaboration between KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm and Scania CV AB(More)
A thickness variation of only one Ångström makes a significant difference in the current through a tunnel junction due to the exponential thickness dependence of the current. It is thus important to achieve a uniform thickness along the barrier to enhance, for example, the sensitivity and speed of single electron transistors based on the tunnel junctions.(More)
Dynamic processes, such as solid-state chemical reactions and phase changes, are ubiquitous in materials science, and developing a capability to observe the mechanisms of such processes on the atomic scale can offer new insights across a wide range of materials systems. Aberration correction in scanning transmission electron microscopy (STEM) has enabled(More)
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  • Tomas Backlund, Erik Hellström, Henrik Pettersson, Jan Åslund, V Biblioteksblad, Vi Vii
  • 2010
This thesis is about the development of a function that assists the driver of a heavy vehicle to do an estimation over the possibilities to overtake a preceding heavy vehicle. The function utilizes Look-Ahead and vehicle-to-vehicle communication to do a calculation of the distance between the vehicles in some road distance ahead. Consequently the report(More)