Henrik Ovesen

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INTRODUCTION Laparoscopic resection of rectal cancer has been proven efficacious but morbidity and oncological outcome need to be investigated in a randomized clinical trial. TRIAL DESIGN Non-inferiority randomized clinical trial. METHODS The COLOR II trial is an ongoing international randomized clinical trial. Currently 27 hospitals from Europe, South(More)
INTRODUCTION Rectal surgery has followed a steady trend towards improved surgical techniques over the past 15 years. Danish colon cancer surgery has not witnessed similar progress. Hohenberger described a comprehensive method involving complete excision of all mesocolic tissue which is equivalent to right-sided hemicolectomy. The present work describes the(More)
In laparoscopic colorectal cancer surgery, some authors still report increased conversion rates, operative duration and postoperative morbidity with longer hospital stay in obese patients. In our department, we had the impression that laparoscopic surgery in the obese was feasible and safe, leading to this study in which we evaluate laparoscopic surgery for(More)
BACKGROUND Perforated diverticulitis is a condition associated with substantial morbidity. Recently published reports suggest that laparoscopic lavage has fewer complications and shorter hospital stay. So far no randomised study has published any results. METHODS DILALA is a Scandinavian, randomised trial, comparing laparoscopic lavage (LL) to the(More)
PURPOSE We assessed the influence of the histological response to intravesical bacillus Calmette-Guerin (BCG) and the prevalence of p53 nuclear accumulation on the clinical behavior of patients with carcinoma in situ. MATERIALS AND METHODS Of 60 patients with Bergquist grade 3 carcinoma in situ 13 had primary and 47 had secondary carcinoma in situ.(More)
The clinical results of treatment of infravesical prostatic obstruction with an intraurethral coil in 150 consecutive patients are reported. A total of 80 patients had urinary retention and 70 had severe prostatism. Median observation time was 8.2 months, with a range of 0 to 40 months. In 75 patients the spiral was removed after a median of 4 months (range(More)
Memokath (Engineers & Doctors A/S, Hornbaek, Denmark) is a new intraprostatic spiral composed of titanium nickel alloy with shape memory effect. We describe the use of this spiral in 30 consecutive patients with prostatic outflow obstruction. Their median age was 79 years and all were either in a high risk group for surgery or had refused surgery. The(More)
Silver-stained nucleolar organizer regions (AgNORs) were studied in 90 patients with a single, primary, non-invasive papillary bladder tumour (stage pTa). All tumours were locally resected and patients were followed for 5 years (n = 68) or until the development of an invasive recurrence (n = 22). AgNOR counts showed wide overlaps between the different(More)
Since 2005 the surgical department of Roskilde County Hospital has treated selected patients with colovesical fistulas laparoscopically. We describe two patients with symptoms of pneumaturia and urinary tract infections. CT scanning, cystoscopy and sigmoideoscopy showed colovesical fistula and laparoscopic operation was performed. The operating times were(More)
We report our experience of the treatment of carcinoma in situ (CIS) using intravesical therapy with the Danish Bacillus Calmette-Guérin (BCG) strain 331 (SSI). Forty-two patients received treatment, 11 had primary and 31 secondary CIS. The median follow-up period was 26 months (range 3-68). Patients received 6 weekly instillations (1 course) and(More)