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Regression conformal prediction produces prediction intervals that are valid, i.e., the probability of excluding the correct target value is bounded by a predefined confidence level. The most important criterion when comparing conformal regressors is efficiency; the prediction intervals should be as tight (informative) as possible. In this study, the use of(More)
In the conformal prediction literature, it appears axiomatic that transductive conformal classifiers possess a higher predictive efficiency than inductive conformal classifiers, however, this depends on whether or not the nonconformity function tends to overfit misclassi-fied test examples. With the conformal prediction framework's increasing popularity, it(More)
  • Tuwe Löfström, Sammanfattning En, Cecilia Sönströd, Rikard König, Håkan Sundell, Henrik Linusson +33 others
  • 2015
An ensemble is a composite model, combining the predictions from several other models. Ensembles are known to be more accurate than single models. Diversity has been identified as an important factor in explaining the success of ensembles. In the context of classification, diversity has not been well defined, and several heuristic diversity measures have(More)