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Law and Order in Seventeenth-Century England: The Organization of Local Administration during the Personal Rule of Charles I
Two of the most significant factors in the development of European nation states are the enforcement of the law and the political relationship between central government and the provinces. TheExpand
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Secular policy enforcement during the personal rule of Charles I : the administrative work of parish officers in the 1630s
This thesis explores the impact of the Caroline reform policies during the Personal Rule on the organisation, work-load, and morale of parish officers. In addition to suggesting a national approachExpand
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‘The pooreste and sympleste sorte of people’? The selection of parish officers during the personal rule of Charles I
The successful implementation of Charles I's personal rule relied much on the co-operation of parish officers whose workload increased significantly in the sixteen-thirties. There is little evidenceExpand
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“I finde all men & my officers all soe unwilling”: The Collection of Ship Money, 1635–1640
S Money was one of the most controversial schemes under the Personal Rule of Charles I. Against the background of the Thirty Years’ War, Charles I had decided to establish a standing fleet in 1628.Expand
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‘Or else I could not have gott of’: Recruitment for Service in the First Scots’ War in Lincolnshire
Abstract In response to the Prayer Book rebellion, Charles I decided to march against Scotland with an English army mainly composed of county levies. As the county militias rested only on the royalExpand
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