Henrik Löfås

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Cyclohexane, with its well-defined conformers, could be an ideal force-controlled molecular switch if it were to display substantial differences in electronic and optical properties between its conformers. We utilize σ conjugation in heavier analogues of cyclohexanes (i.e. cyclohexasilanes) and show that 1,4-disubstituted cyclohexasilanes display(More)
Short chains containing a series of metal-molecule-nanoparticle nanojunctions are a nano-material system with the potential to give electrical signatures close to those from single molecule experiments while enabling us to build portable devices on a chip. Inelastic electron tunnelling spectroscopy (IETS) measurements provide one of the most characteristic(More)
Observations of modifications of the electron temperature in the F-region produced by powerful high frequency radiowaves at 4.04 MHz transmitted in X-mode are presented. The experiments were performed during quiet nighttime conditions with low ionospheric densities so no reflections occurred. Electron temperature enhancements of the order of 300–400 K were(More)
A combination of electron beam lithography, photolithography and focused ion beam milling was used to create a nanogap platform, which was bridged by gold nanoparticles in order to make electrical measurements and assess the platform under ambient conditions. Non-functionalized electrodes were tested to determine the intrinsic response of the platform and(More)
Reproducibility, stability and the coupling between electrical and molecular properties are central challenges in the field of molecular electronics. The field not only needs devices that fulfill these criteria but they also need to be up-scalable to application size. In this work, few-molecule based electronics devices with reproducible electrical(More)
The main focus of this thesis is the theoretical investigations of a nanogap platform used for molecular electronics measurements under ambient conditions. The nanogap is about 20 nm wide, while the molecules investigated here (octanethiol(OT) and octanedithiol(ODT)) are about 1-1.5 nm long making it impossible to bridge the gap with one molecule. Two(More)
A series of tentative single-molecule conductance switches which could be triggered by light were examined by computational means using density functional theory (DFT) with non-equilibrium Green's functions (NEGF). The switches exploit the reversal in electron counting rules for aromaticity and antiaromaticity upon excitation from the electronic ground(More)
Acetylenic phosphaalkenes (APAs) are used as a novel type of ligands for the stabilization of gold nanoparticles (AuNP). As demonstrated by a variety of experimental and analytical methods, both structural features of the APA, that is, the P=C as well as the C≡C units are essential for NP stabilization. The presence of intact APAs on the AuNP is(More)
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