Henrik Kalisch

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The theory of internal waves between two bodies of immiscible fluid is important both for its interest to ocean engineering and as a source of numerous interesting mathematical model equations that exhibit nonlinearity and dispersion. In this paper we derive a Hamiltonian formulation of the problem of a dynamic free interface (with rigid lid upper boundary(More)
The existence of traveling waves for the original Whitham equation is investigated. This equation combines a generic nonlinear quadratic term with the exact linear dispersion relation of surface water waves of finite depth. It is found that there exist small-amplitude periodic traveling waves with sub-critical speeds. As the period of these traveling waves(More)
In geological storage of carbon dioxide (CO2), the buoyant CO2 plume eventually accumulates under the caprock. Due to interfacial tension between the CO2 phase and the water phase, a capillary transition zone develops in the plume. This zone contains supercritical CO2 as well as water with dissolved CO2. Under the plume, a diffusive boundary layer forms. We(More)
The Korteweg-de Vries (KdV) equation is widely recognized as a simple model for unidirectional weakly nonlinear dispersive waves on the surface of a shallow body of fluid. While solutions of the KdV equation describe the shape of the free surface, information about the underlying fluid flow is encoded into the derivation of the equation, and the present(More)
Existence and admissibility of δ-shock solutions is discussed for the non-convex strictly hyperbolic system of equations ∂tu+ ∂x( 2 (u 2 + v2)) = 0, ∂tv + ∂x(v(u− 1)) = 0. The system is fully nonlinear, i.e. it is nonlinear with respect to both unknowns, and it does not admit the classical Lax-admissible solution for certain Riemann problems. By introducing(More)