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BACKGROUND Several recent large prospective cohort studies have failed to demonstrate the presumed protective effect of fruit, vegetable, and dietary fiber consumption on colorectal cancer risk. To further explore this issue, we have examined these associations in a population that consumes relatively low amounts of fruit and vegetables and high amounts of(More)
A number of prospective cohort studies have examined the relations of individual dietary variables to risk of colorectal cancer. Few studies have addressed the broader eating patterns that reflect many dietary exposures working together. Using data from a prospective study of 61,463 women, with an average follow-up period of 9.6 years (between 1987 and(More)
Electromigration (movement of ions in an applied electric field) is utilized for supply or extraction of ions from various porous materials within both civil and environmental engineering. In civil engineering, most research has been conducted on the removal of chlorides from concrete to hinder reinforcement corrosion while in environmental engineering(More)
The incidence of adenocarcinoma of the oesophagus has increased rapidly in recent decades. In order to appreciate the potential for prevention by means of dietary modification, we estimated the aetiological fractions and the increments in absolute risk attributable to low intake of fruit and vegetables for adenocarcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma of the(More)
Two fly ashes from biomass combustion have been analysed regarding cadmium speciation and mobility. A fly ash from straw combustion contained 10 mg Cd/kg dry matter, and around 50% of the cadmium was leachable in water. The possible main speciation of cadmium in this fly ash was CdCl2. When adding this fly ash to agricultural soil a threat for groundwater(More)
The pH dependency of the removal of Cu, Zn and Pb by electrodialytic soil remediation from different industrially polluted soils was examined. From 18 experiments performed with five different soils, it was found that the order of mobilization due to a pH decrease was Zn>Cu>Pb. It was found, too, that each of the elements was removed at higher soil pH in(More)
Mining activities generate large amounts of wastewater, which contain heavy metals of elevated concentration according to legislative threshold values. Therefore, treatment is necessary, and there has been a recent focus on more environmentally friendly methods. One of these is biosorption, where heavy metals are adsorbed from the wastewater via materials(More)
Electro-kinetic remediation (EKR) with sinusoidal electric field obtained simultaneously with DC/AC voltage reduce the polarization of the EKR with DC voltage. The DC voltage value defines the presence of a periodic polarity reversal of the cell and the electrical charge for electro-kinetic transport. In this case, the AC frequency favors the breaking of(More)
At abandoned industrial sites some of the previous buildings are often left behind. If the soil at such site is polluted with heavy metals and is to be remediated by an electrochemical method, the construction refuse within the soil matrix will influence the remediation action. The influence of different sorts of construction refuse on electrodialytic soil(More)