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The relationship between thyrotoxicosis and osteoporotic fractures remains controversial, particularly in men. Register-based cohort study including all patients with a serum thyrotropin (TSH) measurement in the region of Funen 1996-2010. All TSH determinations were done in the same lab, which served all hospitals and General Practice (GP) practices in the(More)
BACKGROUND The web has become a primary information resource about illnesses and treatments for both medical and non-medical users. Standard web search is by far the most common interface to this information. It is therefore of interest to find out how well web search engines work for diagnostic queries and what factors contribute to successes and failures.(More)
CONTEXT Optimal levels of vitamin D have been a topic of heavy debate, and the correlation between 25-hydroxyvitamin D [25(OH)D] levels and mortality still remains to be established. OBJECTIVE The aim of the study was to determine the association between all-cause mortality and serum levels of 25(OH)D, calcium, and PTH. DESIGN AND SETTING We conducted a(More)
The MTHFR c.677C>T polymorphism has been shown to have significant effects on skeletal health in middle-aged to elderly women and men. Despite an accumulating amount of data on MTHFR genetics and the association between homocysteine levels and fracture, it remains unknown if MTHFR c.677C>T genotype affects bone mineral accretion in youth or bone loss in(More)
The purpose of this study is to investigate the association of serum osteoprotegerin (OPG) and the A163G polymorphism in the OPG promoter with peripheral measures of bone mass and with odds ratios for wrist and hip fracture in a case-control study of postmenopausal Danish women. The study included 66 women with lower forearm fracture, 41 women with hip(More)
OBJECTIVES To evaluate the rate of postoperative complications, length of stay, and 1-year mortality before and after introduction of a comprehensive multidisciplinary fast-track treatment and care program for hip fracture patients (the optimized program). DESIGN Retrospective chart review with historical control. SETTING Orthopedic ward (110 beds) at a(More)
Displaced femoral neck fractures are known to be associated with high rates of mortality. The purpose of the present study is to investigate pre- and postoperative factors which influence this mortality in a series of 1186 consecutive Danish patients presenting to one hospital's orthopaedic department with Garden type 3-4 fractures. Subsequent mortality(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Hip fractures are associated with high mortality, but the cause of this is still not entirely clear. We investigated the effect of surgical delay, weekends, holidays, and time of day admission on mortality in hip fracture patients. PATIENTS AND METHODS Using data from the Danish National Indicator Project, we identified 38,020(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate the influence of time of day on the circulating concentrations of 21 hematology parameters. MATERIALS AND METHODS Venous blood samples were obtained under standardized circumstances from 24 healthy young men every third hour through 24 hours, nine time points in total. At each time point, the level of melatonin, iron, transferrin,(More)
BACKGROUND Clinical differentiation between parkinsonian syndromes (PS) remains a challenge despite well-established clinical diagnostic criteria. Specific diagnostic biomarkers have yet to be identified, though in recent years, studies have been published on the aid of certain brain related proteins (BRP) in the diagnosing of PS. We investigated the levels(More)