Henrik Frithiof

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Enumeration of circulating tumor cells (CTCs) obtained from minimally invasive blood samples has been well established as a valuable monitoring tool in metastatic and early breast cancer, as well as in several other cancer types. The gold standard technology for detecting CTCs in blood against a backdrop of millions of leukocytes is the FDA-approved(More)
INTRODUCTION Amplification of the HER-2/neu (HER-2) proto-oncogene occurs in 10%-15% of primary breast cancer, leading to an activated HER-2 receptor, augmenting growth of cancer cells. Tumor classification is determined in primary tumor tissue and metastatic biopsies. However, malignant cells tend to alter their phenotype during disease progression.(More)
BACKGROUND The cosmetic properties of topical formulations are important parameters for the adherence to treatment, where modern oil-in-water emulsions are considered more acceptable compared with ointments. After application of an emulsion to the skin, the concentration of active ingredients in the formulation residue on the skin will increase, due to(More)
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