Henrik Eichstädt

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This paper gives a security analysis of Microsoft's ASP.NET technology. The main part of the paper is a list of threats which is structured according to an architecture of Web services and attack points. We also give a reverse table of threats against security requirements as well as a summary of security guidelines for IT developers. This paper has been(More)
To establish cardiac MRI as a tool for noninvasive evaluation of activation patterns, 10 healthy volunteers were examined by cine segmented turboFLASH imaging sequences. Sequence modifications for low signal blood-pool appearance were applied, i.e., bilateral spatial saturation for segmented turboFLASH imaging. Pixelwise calculation of first-harmonic(More)
The quality of intravenous digital subtraction angiograms was sufficient for diagnostic evaluation in 90%. The accuracy of the method was 90% for the internal carotid artery. 40% of the internal carotid arteries showed stenoses, whereas the common and external carotid arteries were not narrowed in 90%. On behalf of these data the authors consider that i.v.(More)
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