Henrik Carl

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Acknowledgements The authors thank the FSBI (www.fsbi.org.uk) and Cefas (Lowestoft, UK) for funding this research. We thank the following landowners, and contributors of fish tissue; Abstract The conservation of threatened species must be underpinned by phylogeographic knowledge in order to be effective. This need is epitomised by the freshwater fish(More)
  • Martin Svaton, Handledare David, Gundlegård Examinator Carl, Henrik Häll, Martin Svatoň September, David Gundlegård +2 others
  • 2016
Institutionen för teknik och naturvetenskap Linköping University Linköpings universitet g n i p ö k r r o N 4 7 1 0 6 n e d e w S , g n i p ö k r r o N 4 7 1 0 6-E S Copyright The publishers will keep this document online on the Internet-or its possible replacement-for a considerable time from the date of publication barring exceptional circumstances. The(More)
Climate change experts largely agree that future climate change and associated rises in oceanic water levels over the upcoming decades, will affect marine salinity levels. The subsequent effects on fish communities in estuarine ecosystems however, are less clear. One species that is likely to become increasingly affected by changes in salinity is the ide(More)
  • Henrik Carl, Ek, Avståndsklassificering Av Naturbilder
  • 2005
This paper discuss our work in automatically detecting 'close-up' versus 'long' shots in a large video database, using natural image statistics. The database in question is the Granada (Bristol) wildlife archive which has over 20 Tbytes (several thousand hours) of digitized footage and associated meta data on-line. We extract a number of features from each(More)
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