Henrik Brosenne

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Distance measurement between neighboring nodes in Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) is a rudimentary requirement for localization and position estimation algorithms. Common techniques exploit the signal strength to estimate the distance between two nodes. Although this has been widely accepted in research during the last two decades, practical evaluations of(More)
Pervasive wireless networking requires continuous connection to the Internet while moving from one administration domain to another. To enable continuous connection seamless handover has to be ensured. A concept to ensure seamless handover is the make-before-break approach which can be achieved by performing the pre-authentication in the new domain while(More)
We investigate well-structured graph-driven parity-FBDDs, which strictly generalize the two well-known models parity OBDDs and well-structured graph-driven FBDDs. The first main result is a characterization of the complexity of Boolean functions represented by wellstructured graph-driven parity-FBDDs in terms of invariants of the function represented and(More)
The exponential growth of wireless mobile systems in recent years has created strong demand to handover between different administration domains. Such movement suffers from limited resources such as limited bandwidth and high latency. Furthermore, authentication is the key factor when providing mobile roaming services, so fast re-authentication is one of(More)
To provide seamless mobility to the wireless user, a continuous connection to the Internet is required while moving from one administration domain to another. To enable continuous connectivity, one prerequisite is the incorporation of seamless handover. The make-before-break approach facilitates seamless handover by means of executing an authentication to a(More)