Henrik Brohus

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UNLABELLED The influence of persons' movements on contaminant transport during an orthopedic surgical operation is examined. Orthopedic surgical operations require an ultra clean environment usually provided by a LAF device (laminar airflow). During hip replacements bone cement is sometimes applied. Due to practical reasons cement mixing is performed(More)
Building performance can be expressed by different indicators as primary energy use, environmental load and/or the indoor environmental quality and a building performance simulation can provide the decision maker with a quantitative measure of the extent to which an integrated design solution satisfies the design requirements and objectives. In the design(More)
An intervention study was performed in a mechanically ventilated office building in which there were severe indoor climate complaints among the occupants. In one part of the building a new heating and ventilation strategy was implemented by renovating the HVAC system, and a carpet was replaced with a low-emitting vinyl floor material; the other part of the(More)
In order to assess the influence of energy reduction initiatives, to determine the expected annual cost, to calculate life cycle cost, emission impact, etc. it is crucial to be able to assess the energy consumption reasonably accurate. The present work undertakes a theoretical and empirical study of the uncertainty of energy consumption assessment of(More)
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