Henrik Braathen

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The fully automated Colifast ALARM™ has been used for two years for daily monitoring of the presence/absence of Escherichia coli in 100 mL raw water at Oset drinking water treatment plant in Oslo, Norway. The raw water is extracted from 35 m depth from the Lake Maridalsvannet. E. coli was detected in 18% of the daily samples. In general, most samples(More)
Simple, automated methods are required for rapid detection of wastewater contamination in urban recreational water. The activity of the enzyme β-D-galactosidase (GAL) can rapidly (<2 h) be measured by field instruments, or a fully automated instrument, and was evaluated as a potential surrogate parameter for estimating the level of fecal contamination in(More)
Introduction Receptors that recognize the Fc-portion of antibodies mediate endocytosis of antibody-containing complexes (ICs) [1,2]. The liver is the main organ for uptake of IC from circulation. Phagocytosis of antibody-coated particles takes place in Kupffer cells (KC) whereas endocytosis of soluble IC takes place both in KC and in liver endothelial cells(More)
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