Henrik B Jeppesen

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In the centres of stars where the temperature is high enough, three alpha-particles (helium nuclei) are able to combine to form 12C because of a resonant reaction leading to a nuclear excited state. (Stars with masses greater than approximately 0.5 times that of the Sun will at some point in their lives have a central temperature high enough for this(More)
Establishing how and when large N/Z values require modified or new theoretical tools is a major quest in nuclear physics. Here we report the first measurement of the lifetime of the 2(1)+ state in the near-dripline nucleus 20C. The deduced value of τ(2(1)+)=9.8±2.8(stat)(-1.1)(+0.5)(syst)  ps gives a reduced transition probability of B(E2;(More)
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The "island of inversion" nucleus 32 Mg has been studied by a (t, p) two neutron transfer reaction in inverse kinematics at REX-ISOLDE. The shape coexistent excited 0+ state in 32 Mg has been identified by the characteristic angular distribution of the protons of the Δ L=0 transfer. The excitation energy of 1058 keV is much lower than predicted by any(More)
The lifetime of the 2_+(1) state in 16C has been measured with the recoil distance method using the 9Be(9Be,2p) fusion-evaporation reaction at a beam energy of 40 MeV. The mean lifetime was measured to be 11.7(20) ps corresponding to a B(E2;2_+(1)-->0+) value of 4.15(73)e_2 fm_4 [1.73(30) W.u.], consistent with other even-even closed shell nuclei. Our(More)
Structure of states in 12Be via the 11Be(d, p) reaction R. Kanungo a,b,∗, A.T. Gallant a, M. Uchida a, C. Andreoiu c, R.A.E. Austin a, D. Bandyopadhyay a, G.C. Ball b, J.A. Becker d, A.J. Boston e, H.C. Boston e, B.A. Brown f, L. Buchmann b, S.J. Colosimo a, R.M. Clark g, D. Cline h, D.S. Cross c, H. Dare b, B. Davids b, T.E. Drake i, M. Djongolov b, P.(More)
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