Henrik Albert Kolstad

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OBJECTIVE The present study used information from a field study conducted among 4489 civil servants (70% women) in Denmark in 2007. The purpose was to examine the association between sleep problems and salivary cortisol by using a cross-sectional design with repeated measures in a subsample three-month later. METHODS Sleep problems during the past night(More)
BACKGROUND Semen analysis is part of the routine assessment of infertile couples. WHO defines a sperm concentration above 20x10(6) per mL seminal fluid as normal. We studied the association between semen quality and the probability of conception in a single menstrual cycle in Danish couples with no previous reproductive experience. METHODS In 1992-94, we(More)
BACKGROUND Low participation in population-based follow-up studies addressing psychosocial risk factors may cause biased estimation of health risk but the issue has seldom been examined. We compared risk estimates for selected health outcomes among respondents and the entire source population. METHODS In a Danish cohort study of associations between(More)
Stress is a suspected cause of depression. High cortisol concentration, a biomarker of an activated stress response, has been found in depressed patients. The aim of this study was to determine if a high level of salivary cortisol is a risk factor of depression. In 2007, we enrolled 4467 public employees. Morning and evening salivary cortisol concentration(More)
Brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) has been suggested as a candidate gene for depression and numerous studies have investigated the possible association between genetic variants within BDNF and depression. Clinical studies have investigated the serum BDNF levels in individuals with depression. However, few studies have combined genetic association(More)
Environmental and occupational noise exposure have been related to increased risk of cardiovascular disease, hypothetically mediated by stress-activation of the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis. The objective of this study was to investigate the relation between recent and long-term occupational noise exposure and cortisol level measured off work(More)
The purpose was to investigate the relationship between noise exposure and tinnitus among workers with normal hearing and hearing loss, respectively. We conducted a cross-sectional survey of 752 workers employed at 91 workplaces, that were investigated by means of full work-shift noise levels, questionnaire data, and bilateral pure-tone audiometry. Tinnitus(More)
BACKGROUND A growing number of studies suggest that maternal stress during pregnancy promotes atopic disorders in the offspring. This is the first systematic review to address prenatal maternal stress (PNMS) and the subsequent risk of atopy-related outcomes in the child. METHODS The review was performed in accordance to the PRISMA criteria. We searched(More)
OBJECTIVE To examine whether a shift in work-related bullying status, from being non-bullied to being bullied or vice versa, was associated with changes in reporting of personality characteristics. METHODS Data on bullying and personality (neuroticism, extraversion, and sense of coherence) were collected in three waves approximately 2 years apart (N =(More)
Objective: Exposure to coal dust can cause interstitial lung disease (ILD), but whether this is due to pure coal or to the contents of quartz in coal is less clear. Here, we systematically reviewed the relation between 'pure coal' and ILD. Methods: In a systematic review based on PRISMA criteria 2945 articles were identified. Strict eligibility criteria,(More)