Henriette Brauer

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The CA1 (cornu ammonis) region of hippocampus is selectively vulnerable to a variety of metabolic and cytotoxic insults, which is mirrored in a delayed neuronal death of CA1 neurons. The basis and mechanisms of this regional susceptibility of CA1 neurons are poorly understood, and the correlates in human diseases affecting the hippocampus are not clear.(More)
Our study investigated physiological response specificity and cognitive coping in migrainous patients during an achievement task situation. Thirty-three migrainous subjects and thirty-two non-headache controls were subjected to 40 min of demanding cognitive tasks and 20 min of recovery during which cranial and peripheral vasomotor responses were registered(More)
Chronic psychiatric patients (N = 42) predominantly diagnosed as schizophrenics, who had been hospitalized for the mean of 9 years were treated in a double-blind study with a neurotropic drug (tamitinol dihydrochloride coated tablets of 300 mg t.i.d.) and placebo. Test drugs were administered concomitantly to the existing drug therapy during two treatment(More)
For 341 patients treated with psychotropics over different periods of time and with different dosages laboratory examinations were carried out in order to discover as far as possible toxic damage of the parenchyma of liver, kidneys, and blood-formation systems. Statistically secured differences of some liver functions and of the serum creatinine between(More)
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