Henri de Jong

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Despite the development of psychopharmaceutical therapy, post partum delirium was difficult to treat. The patients remained psychotic for long periods and the course was of the disease capricious due to the many relapses. A comparative study of two groups, one consisting of 6 patients and the other of 13, all with a typical post partum delirium was carried(More)
BACKGROUND New community-based arrangements and novel technologies can empower individuals to be active participants in their health maintenance, enabling people to control and self-regulate their health and wellness and make better health- and lifestyle-related decisions. Mobile sensing technology and health systems responsive to individual profiles(More)
Within a psychiatric hospital it has been attempted to realize a maximum number of the elements of the therapeutic community. Problems here are the short median stays of patients and the rapid turnover of both patients and staff. What is more, a basic problem of the therapeutic community was encountered, namely that the interests of the individual patient(More)
This paper discusses the concept of stratification, in the sense of levels of analysis and levels of control, in relation to human perception and performance. It is contended that functional analysis is the proper level of analysis for the domain of perception and action. This is illustrated by means of models of cognitive energetics and motor control. The(More)
This experiment examined changes in the waveforms of the event-related brain potential (ERP) during repeated presentations of infrequent-familiar and infrequent-unfamiliar visual patterns. The EEG waveforms were averaged separately for each presentation of the two types of stimuli across different stimulus blocks. Principal components analysis and(More)
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