Henri Veldhuis

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CAD models can be used to support the measurement of man-made objects. Since it is difficult to precisely position a 3D CAD model in a 2D digital image by hand, fitting algorithms are being developed for a fast and accurate positioning. If a CAD model is approximately positioned in an image, a fitting algorithm can make use of local image gradients to fit(More)
The aim of preventive implant therapy is to prevent or delay loss of alveolar ridge bone mass. For use in an anatomic study of 60 mandibles, resorption of the alveolar ridge was classified into four preventive stages: (1) after extraction of teeth; (2) after initial resorption; (3) when the ridge has atrophied to a knife-edge shape; and (4) when only basal(More)
The introduction of new porcelain materials used in combination with vastly improved bonding materials and techniques have virtually revolutionized the use of conservative esthetic bonded prosthetic restorations fabricated without the need for metal substructures. Missing anterior teeth in selected cases may be replaced by all porcelain veneer bridges that(More)
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