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Designing Manufacturing Dashboards on the Basis of a Key Performance Indicator Survey
Abstract Target-oriented and real-time information provisioning across all hierarchy levels, from shop floor to top floor, is an important success factory for manufacturing companies to facilitateExpand
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Production planning and control in Finnish manufacturing companies Current state and challenges
In today’s highly dynamic manufacturing environment smooth information flow between different operational levels, especially planning and shop floor-level, is essential to ensure rapid reaction toExpand
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Lean manufacturing methods in simulation literature: Review and association analysis
The lean manufacturing philosophy includes several methods that aim to remove waste from production. Expand
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How Lean transformation affects scheduling
The Lean paradigm transforms a production company from utilisation-centric planning into a system in which other operating conditions such as short flow times, local control, reduction in variation,Expand
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Worker coordination policies in parallel station systems: performance models for a set of jobs and for continuous arrival of jobs
Varying workloads and uncertain processing times in parallel assembly cause idle times for skilled, high-cost workers. This idleness can be avoided and the utilisation of the workers improved byExpand
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Block erection sequencing in shipbuilding with general lifting and joining times
This article studies the scheduling of block erection in shipbuilding. A mathematical model is formulated to minimize the makespan, i.e., the time between the start and finish of the erectionExpand
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