Henri Soldano

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We present in this paper an algorithm that locates similar words common to a set of strings deened over an alphabet , where the similarity is stated in terms of a Levenshtein edit distance. The comparison of the words in the strings is realized by using a reference object called a model which is a word over. This allows us to perform a multiple comparison(More)
Finding certain regularities in a text is an important problem in many areas, for instance in the analysis of biological molecules such as nucleic acids or proteins. In the latter case, the text may be sequences of amino acids or a linear coding of 3D structures, and the regularities then correspond to lexical or structural motifs common to two, or more,(More)
Self-configuration is one of the most important functions of autonomic networks because it determines optimal use of resources during network's operation. However, this task is very complex as it must be performed according to service contracts between users and operators, network's infrastructure and workload. Knowledge Plane is a recently proposed concept(More)
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