Henri Sentenac

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Sublethal doses of physostigmine, paraoxon and soman induce a short-lasting fall in rat core temperature potentiated by alpha-methyl-para-tyrosine (alpha-MT) (early effects). When the own hypothermic effect of the anticholinesterase agent has disappeared (late effects), alpha-MT induces a new decrease in temperature. Parallel biochemical studies of(More)
The effects of sublethal doses of physostigmine, paraoxon and soman on GABA levels and metabolism were studied in small rat brain areas (hypothalamus, striatum, cerebellum, rest of the brain). Physostigmine induced a significant decrease in striatal GABA level and a reduction of synthesis index in the rest of the brain while organophosphates have little or(More)
The central effects of tabernanthine on noradrenaline and dopamine turnover times were studied in the hypothalamus, the striatum and the remainder of the brain of normal and hypobaric hypoxic rats, the latter state corresponding to 5,200 m (410 mm Hg) and 7,000 m (320 mm Hg). Catecholamine cerebral levels were not modified by the drug in either instance. At(More)
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