Henri Pirkkalainen

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Understanding and structuring the use of social software by scientists is of high importance in modern research and education – new ways of cooperation and knowledge sharing leads to new ways of work for researchers in both, higher education and enterprises. The possibilities of social networking services provides means for open discourse and offers easier(More)
Open educational resources (OER) have a high potential to address the growing need for training materials in management education and training. Today, a high number of OER in management are already available in a large number of repositories. However, users face barriers as they have to search repository by repository with different interfaces to retrieve(More)
In a knowledge society it is crucial to serve the need for accurate and up-to-date knowledge produced by scientists. The possibilities of electronic communication through the use of social software provides means for open discourse and offers easier ways to make scientific and educational resources available that can be used in knowledge management and(More)
Increasing the current low uptake of Open Education Resources (OER) is a key challenge for researchers and practitioners in the field. User studies have shown that collaboration is a main success factor for successful open educational activities. However, effective collaboration in open educational contexts requires well planned processes and platforms(More)
E-Learning and openness in education are receiving ever increasing attention in businesses as well as in academia. However, these practices have only to small extent been introduced in public administrations. The study addresses this gap by presenting a literature review on Open Educational Resources [OER] and E-Learning in the public sector. The main goal(More)