Henri Nielens

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We analysed the effects of resistance exercise upon the phosphorylation state of proteins associated with adaptive processes from the Akt/PKB (protein kinase B) and the mitogen-activated protein kinase (MAPK) pathways. Nine healthy young men (21.7 ± 0.55 year) performed 10 sets of 10 leg extensions at 80% of their 1-RM (repetition maximum). Muscle biopsies(More)
PURPOSE We hypothesized that creatine supplementation would facilitate muscle anabolism by increasing the expression of growth factors and the phosphorylation of anabolic signaling molecules; we therefore tested the responses of mRNA for IGF-I and IGF-II and the phosphorylation state of components of anabolic signaling pathways p70(s6k) and 4E-BP1 to a bout(More)
Training with limited carbohydrate availability can stimulate adaptations in muscle cells to facilitate energy production via fat oxidation. Here we investigated the effect of consistent training in the fasted state, vs. training in the fed state, on muscle metabolism and substrate selection during fasted exercise. Twenty young male volunteers participated(More)
To test the hypothesis that creatine supplementation would enhance the anabolic responses of muscle cell signaling and gene expression to exercise, we studied nine subjects who received either creatine or a placebo (maltodextrin) for 5 days in a double-blind fashion before undergoing muscle biopsies: at rest, immediately after exercise (10 x 10 repetitions(More)
Barbara Vincent, An Windelinckx, Henri Nielens, Monique Ramaekers, Marc Van Leemputte, Peter Hespel, and Martine A. Thomis Research Center for Exercise and Health, Department of Biomedical Kinesiology, Faculty of Kinesiology and Rehabilitation Sciences, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Leuven; and Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Cliniques(More)
The present study aimed at comparing the responses of myogenic regulatory factors and signaling pathways involved in muscle protein synthesis after a resistance training session performed in either the fasted or fed state. According to a randomized crossover study design, six young male subjects participated in two experimental sessions separated by 3(More)
OBJECTIVE to review and update the evidence for different forms of manual therapy (MT) for patients with different stages of non-specific low back pain (LBP). DATA SOURCES MEDLINE, Cochrane-Register-of-Controlled-Trials, PEDro, EMBASE. METHOD A systematic review of MT with a literature search covering the period of January 2000 to April 2013 was(More)
PURPOSE To study the effect of plyometric training on Ca2+ sensitivity and the influence of troponin T (TnT) isoforms on Ca2+ -activation properties in skinned human muscle fibers. METHODS Biopsies were obtained from the vastus lateralis of eight men before and after the training period. Chemically skinned fibers were evaluated regarding their Ca2+(More)
The ACTN3 gene encodes for the alpha-actinin-3 protein, which has an important structural function in the Z line of the sarcomere in fast muscle fibers. A premature stop codon (R577X) polymorphism in the ACTN3 gene causes a complete loss of the protein in XX homozygotes. This study investigates a possible role for the alpha-actinin-3 protein in protecting(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the cardiorespiratory endurance (CRE) and physical activity level of patients with chronic pain compared with healthy subjects. DESIGN AND SUBJECTS Cross-sectional study, with a consecutive sample of 55 patients with chronic pain (20 men, 35 women). Comparison of CRE and physical activity indices obtained in patients with data(More)