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The L2-index theorem for homogeneous spaces of Lie groups
The L2-index theorem for covering spaces of Atiyah [3] and Singer [20] asserts that, given a discrete group F acting smoothly and freely on a manifold M with compact quotient M = F \ M, and anExpand
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A reciprocity theorem for unitary representations of Lie groups
LetG be a Lie group,H a closed subgroup,L a unitary representation ofH andUL the corresponding induced representation onG. The main result of this paper, extending Ol’ŝanskii’s version of theExpand
Eigenvalue Inequalities and Poincar´ e Duality in
In the context of Connes' noncommutative geometry, eigenvalue inequalities of the type discovered by Vafa and Witten are shown to be a characteristic feature of those spectral geometric spaces ofExpand
$L^2$-index for certain Dirac-Schrödinger operators
1. Introduction. In [B2I a formula is given for evaluating the L2-index of a Dirac-type operator D on a certain class of (noncompact) complete Riemannian manifolds. Although in principle computable,Expand
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