Henri Matzner

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Suprachiasmatic nuclei, derived from neonate rats, were maintained for several weeks in stationary organotypic culture. Hypothalamic slice explants, supported by Millicell filters and incubated in Petri dishes containing serum-based medium, flattened appreciably, yet preserved the organization of the suprachiasmatic nucleus and the surrounding hypothalamic(More)
Traumatic brain injury triggers a massive glutamate efflux, activation of NMDA receptor channels, and cell death. Recently, we reported that NMDA receptors in mice are down-regulated from hours to days following closed head injury (CHI), and treatment with NMDA improved recovery of motor and cognitive functions up to 14 d post-injury. Here we show that a(More)
1. Presynaptic effects of d-tubocurarine on neurotransmitter release were examined at the frog neuromuscular junction, using intracellular and extracellular recording techniques. 2. d-Tubocurarine in concentrations of 10(-7)-10(-6) M decreased the quantal content (m) measured by the coefficient of variation and failure methods. 3. d-Tubocurarine produced a(More)
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