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BACKGROUND No study on bioclinical criteria predicting a biliary origin for acute pancreatitis has included endosonography as a reference examination. Re-examination of bioclinical parameters deserves consideration in the era where other causes are known (e.g. hereditary, autoimmune). AIM AND METHODS To determine the performance of bioclinical markers in(More)
Three cases of follicular lymphoid hyperplasia extending to the whole length of small intestine are reported in three young adult patients of low economic status. The disease was revealed by chronic diarrhea with malabsorption and/or protein-losing enteropathy. In one patient, all transitional patterns were found between the hyperplastic follicles and a(More)
Primary biliary cirrhosis is infrequently diagnosed in men, so that the clinical, biochemical and histopathological spectrum of this disease in men has not been evaluated. Therefore, we studied 30 men who had a histological diagnosis of primary biliary cirrhosis and had positive tests for antimitochondrial antibodies. Five patients had no hepatobiliary(More)
Interferon (INF), a cytokine produced in leucocytes, fibroblasts, and activated T cells, has various established properties such as immunomodulatory function, antiviral activity, and inhibition of the growth of tumors (1, 2). Yet it has been widely used as an essential component of the treatment of several malignancies and chronic viral hepatitis (CVH) B or(More)
To study clinical and biological tolerability, 114 chronically constipated patients of both sexes, aged 18-70, without any organic alteration of the colon, received lactitol over a period of one or two months. Clinical tolerability was found to be good by 80 per cent of patients and biological tolerability excellent. Clinical efficacy was found correct for(More)
The efficacy of lansoprazole (30 mg/d) and omeprazole (20 mg/d) has been assessed in active duodenal ulcer disease in 144 patients included in a multicentric, randomized, double-blind trial. After two weeks, the healing rates were 74% and 58% in the lansoprazole and omeprazole groups, respectively (P = 0.049). After 4 weeks, the healing rates were 94% in(More)
Zur Deutung des Mechanismus der Acetylcholincontractur h aben I~_IESSER und STtgINttAUSEN als erste die w~hrend der Contractur auftretenden Potentialdifferenzen herangezogen. Bei Ableitung zum Saitengalvanometer erhielten sie einen langgezogenen oszillationsfreien monophasischen Saitenausschlag, den sie als Ansdruck eines Erregungsvorganges auffal3ten. Sie(More)
Autologous tracheal segments and allogeneic and xenogeneic bioprostheses were implanted in adult and adolescent Wistar rats. The controls come very close to the normal morphology of the normal morphology of the trachea. The bioprostheses showed no distinct signs of immunogenicity. Good prosthetic incorporation with ingrowth of epithelium could be found.(More)