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To survey the burden of liver disease in Europe and its causes 260 epidemiological studies published in the last five years were reviewed. The incidence and prevalence of cirrhosis and primary liver cancer are key to understand the burden of liver disease. They represent the end-stage of liver pathology and thus are indicative of the associated mortality.(More)
BACKGROUND Stroke Care Pathways (SCPs) aim to improve quality of care by providing better access to stroke units, rehabilitation centres, and home care for dependent patients. The objective of this study was to identify the main barriers to effective implementation of SCPs in France. METHODS We selected 4 types of SCPs currently implemented in France that(More)
In France, 190,306 patients were suffering from chronic hepatitis C in 2012. These patients have a decreased life expectancy and are susceptible to complications associated with chronic hepatitis. Current treatments are poorly tolerated and their effectiveness varies depending on the genotype of the virus. Sofosbuvir, a new class of treatment, has(More)
BACKGROUND Coordination within hospitals is a major attribute of medical care and influences quality of care. This study tested the validity of 3 indicators covering two key aspects of coordination: the transfer of written information between professionals (medical record content, radiology exam order) and the holding of multidisciplinary team meetings(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare the time from symptom onset to brain imaging between patients calling emergency medical services (EMS) and those using private means for transportation. METHODS We focused on symptom onset-to-brain imaging times of ≤2 hours and ≤3 hours 30 minutes, assuming a one-hour interval between imaging and thrombolysis. Other variables were the(More)
Developing quality indicators (QI) for national purposes (eg, public disclosure, paying-for-performance) highlights the need to find accessible and reliable data sources for collecting standardised data. The most accurate and reliable data source for collecting clinical and organisational information still remains the medical record. Data collection from(More)
OBJECTIVES The length of stay in the emergency department (ED) has been proposed as an indicator of performance in many countries. We conducted a survey of length of stay in two large areas in France and tested the hypothesis that patient and ED-related variables may influence it. PATIENTS AND METHODS During 2007, we examined lengths of stay in ambulatory(More)
OBJECTIVES To develop and validate a set of quality indicators (QIs) relating to the prevention and early management of postpartum haemorrhage (PPH) in maternity wards. The ultimate aim was to use these QIs for hospital comparison and public diffusion of results. MATERIALS AND METHODS In 2009, COMPAQ-HPST developed a set of five QIs from consensus(More)
OBJECTIVE Photodynamic diagnosis after instillation of hexylaminolevulinate (Hexvix(®)) during transurethral resection of the bladder (TURB) helps in the detection of tumors and results in a reduction of recurrence. The medical and economic impact of fluorescence compared to conventional white light TURB needed to be analyzed in the French healthcare(More)
BACKGROUND Continuity of care (COC) is a widely accepted core principle of primary care and has been associated with patient satisfaction, healthcare utilization and mortality in many, albeit small, studies. OBJECTIVE To assess the relationship between longitudinal continuity with a primary care physician (PCP) and likelihood of death in the French(More)