Henri Julius

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During the last decade it has become more widely accepted that pet ownership and animal assistance in therapy and education may have a multitude of positive effects on humans. Here, we review the evidence from 69 original studies on human-animal interactions (HAI) which met our inclusion criteria with regard to sample size, peer-review, and standard(More)
Up to 90% of children with special education needs and about 40% of children in the general population show insecure or disorganized attachment patterns, which are linked to a diminished ability to use social support by others for the regulation of stress. The aim of the study was to investigate if children with insecure-avoidant/disorganized attachment can(More)
Mucosal uptake, mucosal transfer, and retention of a physiological dose of ferrous iron were studied in women with active rheumatoid arthritis (RA): 19 with normal and 17 with depleted bone marrow iron stores. Control subjects were 26 normal women and 20 women with uncomplicated iron deficiency. Iron absorption was measured with 59Fe as a tracer and by(More)
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