Henri Guerin-Surville

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The need to perform triple osteotomies of the pelvis passing very close to the articular surface leads to the isolation of bony fragments whose vascularisation may be precarious. To assess the risks of such surgery, we undertook an anatomic study of the vascularisation of the acetabulum in the fetus. 53 specimens were injected to study the vessels to the(More)
PURPOSE To determine the magnetic resonance (MR) imaging features of subungual glomus tumors. MATERIALS AND METHODS Thirty-one patients with a clinical suspicion of glomus tumor and 10 control subjects underwent MR imaging at 1.5 T. MR images of normal glomus bodies of a cadaver finger were correlated with histologic slices. With a local surface gradient(More)
Ossifications in the caudal attachments of the ligamentum flavum were studied on 121 dried thoracic spines. Most of them were aged. Frequency increased in a caudal direction. At T12, frequency depended on the orientation of the zygapophyseal joints of T11-12 which determined the range of rotation. When they were of thoracic orientation, allowing large range(More)
The deformations and stresses acting on the aceftabular rim have not been very precisely documented. The authors present a study based on an experimental simulation of hip loading with anatomic correlations. 122 dissections were performed in order to define the anatomic aspect of the roof (and especially of Byers’s “area 17”) and the intermediate area(More)
A study of 18 elbows in the cadaver allowed the medial fascia of the radial collateral ligament of the articular capsule to be clearly separated. Section of this ligament associated with that of the anterior fascia, without section of the ulnar collateral ligament always produces luxation of the elbow if it is in flexion. The integrity of the insertion(More)
The synovial sheaths of the flexor digitorum of 70 pieces of fresh cadavers have been studied on the whole of their length as far as the basis of the fingers: 20 have been injected with a latex or a physiologic solution, after the ablation of the palmar aponeurosis and of the superficial palmar arch. The arteries of the 50 other pieces have been injected(More)
PURPOSE To assess the usefulness of magnetic resonance (MR) imaging in the diagnosis and clarification of the physiopathology of digital mucoid cysts. MATERIALS AND METHODS Twenty-three patients (14 women, nine men; aged 52-75 years) with mucoid cysts underwent MR imaging at 1.5 T with a local surface gradient coil. The pixel size was 117 microns in one(More)
Results of 21 injections of the transverse colon with coloured latex. The superior and inferior mesenteric arteries are separately injected. Dissections allowed the study of the topography and width of the colic transverse vessels. Collateral circulation is also described. A middle colic artery is present in 85% of the cases. The length of transverse colon(More)
Every fibrous structure of ten wrists of fresh cadavers has been the object of an elastometric study. The opposite wrists have been studied surgically and then histologically with the optical microscope. Comparison between the two shows a close relationship between the mechanical features and the morphology of the bundles, which proved also to be perfectly(More)