Henri Gilbert

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The innovative HB protocol of Juels and Weis [10] extends device authentication to low-cost RFID tags. However, despite the very simple on-tag computation there remain some practical problems with HB and despite an elegant proof of security against some limited active attacks, there is a simple man-in-the-middle attack due to Gilbert et al. [8]. In this(More)
We introduce a practical synchronous stream cipher with provable security named QUAD. The cipher relies on the iteration of a multivariate quadratic system of m equations in n < m unknowns over a finite field. The security of QUAD is provably reducible to the conjectured intractability of the MQ problem, namely solving a multivariate system of quadratic(More)
In this paper, we improve the recent rebound and start-from-the-middle attacks on AES-like permutations. Our new cryptanalysis technique uses the fact that one can view two rounds of such permutations as a layer of big Sboxes preceded and followed by simple affine transformations. The big Sboxes encountered in this alternative representation are named(More)
Rijndael is one of the ve candidate blockciphers selected by NIST for the nal phase of the AES selection process. The best attack of Rijndael so far is due to the algorithm designers ; this attack is based upon the existence of an eÆcient distinguisher between 3 Rijndael inner rounds and a random permutation, and it is limited to 6 rounds for each of the(More)
The white box attack context as described in [1, 2] is the common setting where cryptographic software is executed in an untrusted environment—i.e. an attacker has gained access to the implementation of cryptographic algorithms, and can observe or manipulate the dynamic execution of whole or part of the algorithms. In this paper, we present an efficient(More)
Sosemanuk is a new synchronous software-oriented stream cipher, corresponding to Profile 1 of the ECRYPT call for stream cipher primitives. Its key length is variable between 128 and 256 bits. It accommodates a 128-bit initial value. Any key length is claimed to achieve 128-bit security. The Sosemanuk cipher uses both some basic design principles from the(More)
Radio Frequency IDentifiers (RFID) are low-cost pervasive devices used in various settings for identification purposes: although they have originally been introduced to ease the supply chain management, they are already used in many other applications. Some of these applications need secure identification and ad-hoc authentication protocols have to be(More)