Henri G. Colt

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To assess the rate of occurrence of drug-induced illness as a cause for admission to the general medicine service of a community hospital, charts were reviewed retrospectively of all patients admitted to the service over two randomly selected one-month periods. Statistical analysis was performed on patients over and under the age of 65, and on iatrogenic(More)
PURPOSE To determine the prognostic value of pleural fluid pH, pleural fluid glucose, extent of pleural carcinomatosis (EPC) score, and Karnofsky Performance Scale (KPS) score in patients with recurrent symptomatic malignant pleural effusions. DESIGN Prospective 53-month study. SETTING Referral center for interventional pulmonology. PATIENTS(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess a standard classification of adverse events and evaluate the safety and long-term outcome of thoracoscopy in patients with pleural disease. DESIGN Prospective nonrandomized cohort study. SETTING The Pulmonary Special Procedures and Nd:YAG Laser Unit of the University of California San Diego Medical Center, San Diego. PATIENTS Fifty(More)
Pleural cancer in humans is a frequently occurring tumor. Recently, clinical trials have suggested that chemotherapy and immunotherapy administered intrapleurally may elicit responses in early-stage diseases. However, at radiological and pleural endoscopic evaluation, most of the patients are found to have a visceral pleural involvement that is generally(More)
We describe a patient with right pleuritic chest pain and an enlarging exudative pleural effusion four months after laparoscopic cholecystectomy. Several radiographic imaging procedures and thoracenteses were nondiagnostic. Thoracoscopy, however, revealed bilious concretions in the parietal pleura. Thoracoscopic drainage, lysis of adhesions, and antibiotic(More)
Histologically intact human adenocarcinoma of the lung maintained in nude mice by serial subcutaneous transplantations (4 generations) was harvested and transplanted to the parietal pleura of 11 other nude mice via a novel thoracotomy procedure. Local and regional tumor growth of transplanted tumors occurred in all cases within 31 days, resulting in weight(More)
Pseudomembranous aspergillus tracheobronchitis superimposed on post-tuberculosis tracheal stenosis has not been previously reported. In the patient described in this case report, the airway obstruction was worsened by aspergillus infection which responded to antifungal therapy and debridement of pseudomembranous tissues by rigid bronchoscopic procedures. A(More)
Cholesterol embolization is a puzzling event that may be increasingly iatrogenic in origin. Diagnosis is difficult and requires a high index of suspicion, an appropriate clinical picture, and usually, confirmation by biopsy. Certain laboratory abnormalities may be helpful; the elevated sedimentation rate and relative eosinophilia found in our patients(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine whether emergency rigid bronchoscopic intervention, including Nd-YAG laser resection or stenting, immediately affected the need for continued mechanical ventilation or intensive care level of support in critically ill patients with acute respiratory failure from malignant or benign central airways obstruction. DESIGN Retrospective(More)