Henri Dufour

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Human mesial temporal lobe epilepsies (MTLE) are the most frequent form of partial epilepsies and display frequent pharmacoresistance. The molecular alterations underlying human MTLE remain poorly understood. A two-step transcriptional analysis consisting in cDNA microarray experiments followed by quantitative RT-PCR validations was performed. Because the(More)
Despite important advances in human therapeutics, no specific treatment for both non-functioning gonadotroph and resistant somatotroph adenomas is available. Gene transfer by viral vectors can be considered as a promising way to achieve a specific and efficient treatment. Here we show the possibility of efficient gene transfer in human pituitary adenoma(More)
A brain abscess is a life-threatening infection, frequently with serious sequelae. Culture-based methods present many limitations and do not enable an exhaustive documentation of the bacterial flora. 16S rRNA-based amplification, cloning, and high-throughput sequencing have dramatically increased the number of identified agents of brain abscesses, showing(More)
OBJECT Elderly patients in poor general health frequently suffer vertebral body (VB) fractures due to osteoporosis or vertebral metastatic lesions. Kyphoplasty and vertebroplasty have become the standard treatment for these types of fractures. In certain conditions that cause local kyphosis, such as spinal cord compression due to a metastatic epidural tumor(More)
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