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How to design a broad bandpass filter in the X-frequency range? The design procedure is developed from synthesis to electromagnetic simulation. The filter to be designed is implemented in waveguide technology with inductive irises coupling sections. So as to evaluate equivalent susceptance of iris aperture, two methods were used: the first one is based on(More)
—This paper proposes a new modal analysis based on Floquet's theorem which is needful for the study of a 1-D periodic phased array antenna excited by arbitrary located sources. This analysis requires an accurate estimation for calculation of the mutual coupling parameters (for example: mutual impedances or admittances. . .) between the array elements and(More)
Due to the practical importance and difficulties associated with their closed form solutions, the experimental and computational study of periodic planar multilayered structures, such as FSS in multilayered configuration and Multilayered Planar antennas array, are in complementary progress. During the past two decades, the widespread use of such methods has(More)
This paper presents an efficient implementation of waves' concept based on the iterative method algorithm combined with the FFT-2D algorithm adapted to box modes, or Fast Modal Transform (FMT). The advantages of this method are simplicity and the no implication of basic functions and matrices inversion. As used in other calculation's methods, this work(More)