Henri Baudrand

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A novel hybrid differential-integral approach, based on the transverse wave formulation (TWF) is presented for full-wave investigation of multilayer structures including inhomogeneous layer stacks with arbitrary doping profiles. In combining both the benefits of spatial and spectral resolutions, the TWF offers a natural framework for the implementation of(More)
An efficient iterative technique based on the concept of wave is presented for computing periodic substrates in multilayer configuration once they are very important for Frequency Selective Surfaces applications. This paper presents an extensible approach of the iterative method to study multilayer substrates (n layers in which n=2, 20) with spatial(More)
In this paper, a novel version of the transverse wave approach (TWA) based on two-dimensional non-uniform fast Fourier mode transform (2D-NUFFMT) is presented and developed for fullwave analysis of RF integrated circuits (RFICs). An adaptive mesh refinement is applied in this advanced TWA process and CPU computation time is evaluated throughout 30 GHz patch(More)
In this paper a full wave investigation of the dependence of substrate noise coupling and of deep-trench techniques efficiency on buried epitaxial layers doping rates is presented. Different grounding configurations for the buried epitaxial layers are considered to estimate the impact of spatial distribution of ground contacts on the global isolation(More)
The present paper sets out to present a numerical electromagnetic (EM) method TWA for EM field modeling of planar structures. Combining both the benefits of TWA process and the modeling of planar excitation source, an optimization technique AMT is applied and evaluated in context of RF integrated-circuit applications. The computational complexity of TWA(More)
IW circuits are considered quasi3D (2,5D) metal-dielectric circuits. They have a high level of integration circuits, the metal and dielectric losses moderated and the precision of manufacturing for microwave applications [1]-[3]. The architecture of these structures consists in adding to the planar circuits a network of metallic via-hole integrated in the(More)
Due to the practical importance and difficulties associated with their closed form solutions, the experimental and computational study of periodic planar multilayered structures, such as FSS in multilayered configuration and Multilayered Planar antennas array, are in complementary progress. During the past two decades, the widespread use of such methods has(More)