Henri Baudrand

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—This paper proposes a new modal analysis based on Floquet's theorem which is needful for the study of a 1-D periodic phased array antenna excited by arbitrary located sources. This analysis requires an accurate estimation for calculation of the mutual coupling parameters (for example: mutual impedances or admittances. . .) between the array elements and(More)
—Studying of mutual coupling parameters between the antenna elements in an array environment has been considered as the subject of feature research. That is why, in this paper, we present a new Floquet modal analysis procedure for analyzing almost periodic structures. Accurate evaluation of the mutual coupling could be achieved by this analysis. It is shown(More)
We present a Programmable Delay Control (PDC) for UWB Timed Array Radar Application, working with pulses in the GHz region, which requires a precise control of delays in the order of picoseconds. The major component of the PDC consists of a channel formed by two static inverters connected in series. Between the internal transition line (V linha) and the(More)